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Loser flat.png

Loser, Photoshop

crazy fingers2 exp2.png

Crazyfingers, Photoshop

nature heals flat.png

Spore Print Man, Photoshop

cows on vacation adjustments.png

Cows On Vacation, Photoshop

gmans 64 01.png

G Mans 64 Olds, Photoshop

creaturegraphic freakout.png

Concept Skateboard Deck, Photoshop

PBR final.png

Beer Can Art, Photoshop


Birch and Crow,  Clip Studio Paint


Max, Clip Studio Paint

painting with adjustments.png

Laser Cats, Photoshop

that cursed orb 1080 v2.png

The Orb, Photoshop

Bob Marley4.png

Bob Marley, Clip Studio Paint

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